We expect players to take this commitment seriously by giving 100% to every activity; practice, games, and even our fun events! Additionally, we want the players to have fun and develop their soccer skills one step at a time. Here are some of the specific commitments and expectations we have of our players:

  • Make it a priority to show up to 100% of the training sessions and games - training is typically 2 days a week at least for 90 minutes.
  • Give your best effort every time they step onto the field - games AND practices.
  • Speak directly to the coach with any concerns they may have about their experience with the team.
  • Win AND Lose with class.
  • Remember - the main objective is to get better one step at a time and develop a lifelong love of the game of soccer!


We expect parents to take this commitment seriously as well by supporting their child 100% and encouraging them at practices, games, and to attend our fun events! Having supportive parents behind our players is critical to their success and enjoyment of the game. Here are some of the specific commitments and expectations we have of our parents:

  • Open communication with the coaches is encouraged, please communicate openly with your coach if you have any concerns about your child. Please honor the 24-hour rule - waiting a full 24 hours after a game to discuss anything with your coach.
  • Be Positive - Cheer for the team, encourage all of the players.
  • Do Not Coach - Let the coaches make adjustments as they see the need. Many times the instructions from a spectator is exactly the opposite of the instruction given by the coach.
  • Never address players/parents on the other team.
  • Treat the officials with respect. If there is an issue that needs addressed with the officials, the coach or captain will do so.
  • Leave the game on the field - When the game is over, no amount of comment, question, or discussion with the players, officials, or coaches can change the outcome.
  • Keep the game fun! Winning is more fun than losing, but each player should enjoy playing because they LOVE the game!

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