Competitive Fee Schedule

National Premier League (2003 - 2001) 

$189.00 Per Month for 10 Months (Includes NPL League and Showcases, US Club Regionals, Davis College Showcase, Summer Surf College Showcase, Cal Cup and  Silverlakes Thanksgiving College Showcase)

Elite Team (2005 -2001)

$156.00 Per Month for 10 Months (Includes Cal Cup and one additional tournament)

U-13 to U-15 Elite Teams (2006 - 2008)

$146.00 Per Month for 11 Months (Includes Cal Cup/Jr. Cal Cup and one local tournament)

U-8 to U-12 Teams (2009 to 2013)

Estimated amount $95 to $120 per month (based on teams needs and schedule)

What’s included?

  • Fall League
  • Spring League
  • State Cup
  • Field Rental
  • Referee
  • Affiliation
  • 2 Tournaments
  • All Administration 
  • Training or Director Fees 

What’s not included?

  • Uniforms
  • Optional fundraising opt-out
  • Additional tournaments and travel costs. 

Uniforms Costs 

Game - Training Kits $215


  • Royal, Black and Grey Jersey
  • Royal Game Short
  • Academy Hoodie
  • Academy Pant
  • Royal and Red Socks
  • Numbers and Logos

Backpacks with embroidery are not included, but they can be purchased for an additional $50.

Registration Fees

Annual registration fee of $175 registers your player with the club and participating league organizations (like NorCal).

Cost Expectations

All SJS players must wear club-approved attire at all events and team practices and are required to be purchased through the club.

It is important to note that events such as in-state and out-of-state tournaments, and summer team training camps are considered an integral part of the San Juan South program.  A commitment by parents to our program is a commitment that your son or daughter will attend all of the team’s events.

Each San Juan South player will be required to participate in 2 league fundraisers per year.  If you chose not to participate you can pay an opt-out fee of $60.00 towards your fundraising responsibility. 

During the NorCal regular season (August to May), the number of training days will be 2 days per week with competitive league games on weekends.   There may also be designated tournament weekends that will require some travel, possibly an overnight stay, and 3 or 4 scheduled tournament games.  

Post-season training for State Cup (U-13 and older) continues on this schedule, possibly through mid-February, with the exception of the winter break for high school soccer (age groups U-14 and older).


Tournament Fees are non-refundable. All committed players are expected to pay for all tournaments even if they do not participate.  All monies earned by fundraising can only be used towards team events and will not be refunded. We are unable to refund any processed payments or registration fees.

At no time even if a player quits or ages out can money in the club account be refunded to the player. Team funds will carry over year to year.   

Payment Options

Payment Option 1:  Annual Payment

The annual cost can be paid in full by check prior to the start of the program – no bank fees will be charged and the account will receive a 5% discount for payment in full.

Payment Option 2: Monthly Installments (6 or 10 Months)

Quickbook account can be setup to pay in monthly installments via Credit Card/Debit Card/ACH Payments. There will be a 3% transaction cost added to the monthly fee to cover the bank fee that San Juan South Soccer Club is charged by the bank. This fee goes 100% to cover the bank transaction fee for the credit/debit/ACH card processing.

Withdrawal Policy

We understand that certain circumstances develop from time to time with our players over each season and a player might need to withdraw from the program. It is important to understand that club dues are set on an annual basis and divided equally among the team members regardless of the number of players on the team. Therefore, no refunds will be issued after the player has commitment to a team and all fee's for the year will be due prior to receiving any form of release. Withdraw requests must be emailed  to While we are sad to see any player leave, we are willing to release them from the club for the agreed season after the 30 day period provided their season balance is paid in full. 

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